EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

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In Brief
Susan Friedberg has had a long and successful career in the field of psychotherapy. She is currently Assistant Director of the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy, a post-graduate training program in Gestalt Therapy, and is the former Director of the Gestalt Institute in New York. Her background includes teaching, supervising, and many years of direct service with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Professional Credentials

  • New York State Licensed Social Worker
  • New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst
  • Full Member American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Certified Group Psychotherapist

Most Recent Academic Positions

  • Assistant Director of Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy
  • Director Gestalt Institute
  • Teacher in Family Studies Program at Bronx State Hospital


  • Certificate of training in EMDR from EMDR Institute
  • Graduate of Gestalt Center
  • Graduate of Ackerman Institute, Postgraduate Training Family Institute of Westchester, Family Studies Program with Salvatore Minuchin
  • Group Therapy Training with Jay Earley and Laura Perls
  • Trained Divorce Mediator
  • Certificate in Critical Incident Stress Management
  • MSW, University of Michigan
  • BA, New York University

My primary goal in doing psychotherapy is for my clients to have more choices and spontaneity in their lives as well as greater satisfaction. I want to help alleviate suffering, whether generated from past traumatizing experiences or from current experiences. I believe that we all have many answers and great potential inside us, but often are blocked from accessing our own wisdom so that we only function on a modest amount of our potential. It gives me great joy to help my clients find their own answers and discover problem-solving abilities.

EMDR therapy is an effective, often short-term therapy that targets and addresses past unresolved issues with the goal that these past issues no longer have the ‘hold’ on the individual that they have had. It examines and treats current situations that trigger these painful unresolved emotions, memories, and physical sensations.

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 Aetna and United/Oxford

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Susan Friedburg

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