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We are trauma therapists in Manhattan NYC. We also provide eating disorder therapy - gentle, insightful, providing long-term healing.
Our EMDR practice is proven to best treat a wide variety of challenging conditions toward continued wellness.
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Researchers discovered over 25 years ago that as the eyes move important regions of the brain are stimulated. In 1989 Dr. Francine Shapiro further uncovered that in prescribed conditions the process of eye movement reduces the intensity of disturbing, unsettling, traumatic thoughts. After a period of detailed scientific study she wrote a widely read article reporting her very good success in using EMDR as a therapy for treating trauma victims. It was a breakthrough article appearing in the highly regarded Journal of Traumatic Stress.

When is the time to choose to use EMDR?
If you are experiencing disturbing feelings or troubling memories that affect life quality, or if you are undergoing relationship problems, EMDR is a gentle and powerfully effective tool to help you. Further, eye movement treatment can also be used simultaneously with ongoing psychotherapy to accelerate the whole process. Our trauma therapy treatment is recognized among our counseling peers as being the best in long term healing. Eating disorder therapy treatment is also very effective using our approach. Additionally, we address phobias, relationships, addictions, anxiety, and depression. Over our combined decades of experience, we have found this method to be wonderfully effective as a therapy for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Eating disorder therapy for is requested more and more these days, and our approach is methodical, caring, nurturing and we enjoy a record and reputation of successfully working with many people to resolve eating issues. With our two New York City offices (10034, 10036), it is very convenient to visit.

Trauma therapy with EMDR: therapists report (nationally) remarkable success using this method to treat acute or mild trauma, personality disorders, panic attacks, complicated grief, dissociative disorders, phobias, pain disorders, eating disorders, performance anxiety, stress reductions, addictions, sexual and/or physical abuse, and body dysmorphic disorders.

What is it like to do EMDR?
The process is simple, as the therapist facilitates the directional eye movement of the patient. Before this process begins, the therapist works with the client to identify a specific problem or multiple problems as a session focus. The time this process takes will vary from individual to individual.

The sessions are 60 to 90 minutes and are woven into traditional talk therapy. We have found it helpful to integrate EMDR with psychotherapy. This has helped our clients make adjustments, in their lives, to the changes that have occurred from EMDR treatment.

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