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Post Traumatic Shock Disorder Therapy Treatment with EMDR. Transforming, successful - an extensive national history of helping tens of thousands. Two renowned EMDR therapists with two convenient downtown New York City offices.

Here are the signs that you may need therapy.

  • You experience PTSD, loneliness, anxiety, or depression over a lengthy, continuous time period
  • You are trying, yet always remain in the same place
  • You are enmeshed in a pattern of unsatisfactory relationships
  • You are disturbed by a specific issue or multiple issues
  • You are challenged by eating problems, drinking or drug problems, or you are in recovery from addiction
  • You need someone to talk to who is more objective than friends or family
  • Your primary relationships are challenging and often difficult
  • PTSD symptoms

How does EMDR therapy work for you?
From our first meeting with you we create a close therapeutic relationship with you so that ease and trust is established, then cultivated. Once a rapport is established, then the issues challenging you can be addressed comfortably. One of the benefits of therapy is that you to become more conscious of your situations, your thinking and memory processes. It also makes you more conscious of how you function in the world at every level. Additionally, therapy brings a cathartic awareness of past suffering brought into the present by deeply understanding your past and current history on a comprehensive level and the events and experiences connecting to your present functioning and world view. As experienced therapists, our PTSD treatment and counseling will help you by directly dealing with major and minor traumas in your past. Eventually, this will relieve you of the painful, disturbing feelings that have been connected to these events over a longer or shorter time. By gaining a larger awareness and reducing suffering from experiences of the past, you're able to make more choices and decisions that are beneficial to you. The eye movement process will help you to heal the wounds of the past, in order to increase the opportunities for improved quality of life in the present and the future. Serving Manhattan residents with two convenient offices.

How long is the therapy process?
There is a good deal of variety in timing. Eye Movement Therapy often accelerates the treatment process. Some people choose to target very specific issues and only want short-term therapy, while others are more interested in a deeper self-exploration and growth. Short-term therapy can be anywhere from three months to a year, while more in depth therapy can last from six month to two years or more. From our point of view as therapists, you can take as much time as you feel you need and set goals with the therapist to explore the parameters of the treatment.

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