Life-changing EMDR PTSD therapy in Manhattan, NYC. With an extensively documented, successful treatment history of helping tens of thousands, our renowned EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is available at two convenient downtown New York City offices.

Read here for signs you may need therapy:

  • You experience PTSD, anxiety, loneliness, or depression over a lengthy, continuous time period
  • You are trying, yet always remain in the same place
  • You are enmeshed in a pattern of unsatisfactory relationships
  • You are disturbed by a specific issue or multiple issues
  • You are challenged by eating problems, drinking or drug problems, or you are in recovery from addiction
  • You need someone to talk to who is more objective than friends or family
  • Your primary relationships are challenging and often difficult
  • PTSD symptoms

How does EMDR therapy work for you?

From our initial meeting, we prioritize building a close therapeutic relationship to establish ease and trust, nurturing an environment where we can comfortably address the challenges you are facing. Therapy offers the benefit of heightened awareness regarding your situations, thought processes, and memories, enhancing your consciousness of your functioning at every level in the world. Additionally, therapy brings cathartic awareness to past suffering, comprehensively understanding your history and its connection to your current functioning and worldview.

As experienced therapists, our PTSD treatment and counseling directly address major and minor traumas from your past. This process aims to relieve you of the painful and disturbing feelings associated with these events, whether experienced over a longer or shorter period.

Through increased awareness and reduced suffering from past experiences, you gain the ability to make choices and decisions that are more beneficial to you. The eye movement process aids in healing past wounds, ultimately enhancing opportunities for an improved quality of life in the present and the future.

We are dedicated to serving Manhattan residents with two conveniently located offices.

How long is the therapy process?

There is a good deal of variety in timing. Eye Movement Therapy often accelerates the treatment process. Some people choose to target very specific issues and only want short-term therapy, while others are more interested in a deeper self-exploration and growth.

Short-term therapy can be anywhere from three months to a year, while more in depth therapy can last from six month to two years or more. From our point of view as therapists, you can take as much time as you feel you need and set goals to explore the parameters of the treatment.

Call us for a NYC first conversation and appointment soon.

What orientation do you use?

We use traditional psychotherapeutic modalities augmented by breakthrough technologies such as EMDR, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Gestalt therapy. Our PTSD eye movement therapy is truly effective for the layers of trauma - from personal addictions to unresolved relationship situations that are troubling.

How do I choose between individual, couples and group psychotherapy?

In talking with you, we will help you select which is most useful for you. Generally this has to do with the situation itself. If you are having marital or premarital difficulties, then couples therapy is probably most appropriate, possibly followed by individual psychotherapy. For particular issues, general insight, and awareness of particular issues, individual psychotherapy will work for you.

Group is often very useful for issues of relationship, such as improving communication, gaining more awareness of your reactions to different people, and your experience as a group participant. It also offers you an opportunity to receive honest feedback from other group members.

Is therapy confidential?

Yes, except in extreme cases which we will discuss with you.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice.

Do you accept insurance?

We take United Health Care.

What is your fee?

Best Manhattan NYC PTSD EMDR therapy and treatment - our full fee is $150.00. If you have a special situation, please feel free to contact us. Please note that insurance often reimburses for out-of-network providers.

Call today. Manhattan EMDR PSTD treatment  - a proven therapy to bring you deep healing and peace at last - used by tens of thousands.

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