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In Brief:

John Dzwonar has had a successful career in psychotherapy and consulting since 1990. He also brings extensive relevant life experience to his practice. He has been in this field as well as the business world for his entire professional life. He is the founder and served as director of an arts social service agency for 27 years. He founded, and has, written and directed for two theatre projects for over 14 years.

About John

My approach to therapy, as well as my choice in training to be a therapist, was based on my personal life- long search for self-actualization.

Whether it is to improve the quality of your life, to help you unleash your potential, or to help you be free of depression, pain, or anxiety—my primary goal in therapy is to help you discover who you are and what you want; to help you unblock what is in your way, to make the connections within yourself you need to help you make, and to help you move forward to a fuller life.


EMDR can work as a short term therapy, or it can be integrated into longer therapy on an individual basis.

EMDR targets past unresolved issues and difficulties in present relationships with the goal of reducing the hold of these past issues and increasing the choices a person has in his or her life and present relationships.


NLP is consistent with EMDR in its goals and methods. I use it to enhance EMDR.

NLP has been called the psychology of excellence and the study of subjective experience. It offers powerful unblocking experiments and tools to increase choice and awareness. This helps you heal the past and maximize your opportunities for joy and fulfillment in the future.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Created in the early 1950’s by Fritz and Laura Perls and Paul Goodman. Gestalt therapy developed from its roots in psychoanalysis, Gestalt psychology, existential philosophy, and field theory that unites and transcends its constituent elements.


Through a deep relaxation or trance (you are always aware of what is happening), you can get a look at yourself from a deeper perspective. This can help broaden perspective and, in some cases, lead to a meditation practice.

NLP for Clinicians

Several times a year I offer a six to eight session intensive training program, for clinicians only, in the clinical applications of NLP.

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